Title Tags in 2012 – Best Practices to Hook the Search Engines

Do these questions arise in your mind regarding the title of a search snippet?

  • Why are title tags not displaying properly in the SERPs?
  • How many characters to include in the HTML title element?
  • Long-tail or short-tail keywords rank higher?

Title Tags in 2012 - Best Practices to Hook the Search Engines

The HTML title element or page title tags are the most significant on-page SEO factor that are clickable search snippet links in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Writing highly relevant and competitive titles utilizing the keywords properly is one of the vital aspects to bear in mind.

Title Tags in 2012

Here are some SEO page title tips to hook the top search engines in 2012!

  • Primary keyword should be placed somewhere in the page title tag, and the keyword should be available at least once in a page.
  • The length is a touchy issue – it’s better to stick to 65 characters length in 2012 to avoid cut off.
  • Some titles do better with a call to action – try to include call now, buy online, learn more etc. in the title.
  • Titles should be unique for each page across a website.
  • Natural is fine! No keyword stuffing, as the page will be penalized for over-optimization.
  • Using hyphen or pipe separators would mostly do well in 2012.
  • Long-tail approach works more quickly to rank high in the searches.

No one knows how the popular search engines are actually counting and determining relevance for ranking. The search results are displayed in numerous ways. Search engines show the snippets they find relevant to the page. In most of the cases Google now displays the H1 of the page followed by the company name.

A good title is the lifeblood of a page that determines the ranking in the SERPs. Apply your mind creatively to write competitive titles or approach a professional SEO company that can offer the best services for you!

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