Web Analytics and Reporting using Google Analytics

Integrated with copious features, Google Analytics is one of the effective measurement tools available for your business today. It’s an enterprise-class web analytics reporting platform that allows measuring sales and conversions, and tracks the flow of visitors to your website from various sources such as search engines, social media, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing, and other links from PDFs and PPTs.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides different tracking solutions such as analysis tools, content analytics, social analytics, mobile analytics, conversion analytics, and advertising analytics segments. Below is an example of a graph showing visitors overview per day.

Google Web Analytics

Analysis Tools: Google Analytics is a built-on easy to use, powerful analysis tool to view the specific data in graphical formats and get customized reports with just a few clicks. It helps to understand statistics and gain insights about your website visitors – how they arrived on the site, how they use the site, and how to make them stay longer or come back again.

Content Analytics: Content reports show the pages that are doing well. These can be viewed on the basis of divisions such as All Pages, Top Landing Pages, and Exit Pages. The list includes information of pages, page views, average time on site, bounce rate, entrances, exit, and page value.

Mobile Analytics: Displays how mobile SEO impacts the site and creates efficient marketing campaigns to reach your visitors and drive business to you. This measures mobile apps, mobile websites, and traffic from web-enabled high-end and basic mobile devices.

Conversion Analytics: Beyond visitor counts and page views, this feature enables to set goals and conversions to understand visitor’s leads to sales, measure downloads, video plays, different paths of visitors, ecommerce reporting for sales improvement, and more. Understanding the conversions, various adjustments can be made on the site to achieve your business goals.

Social Analytics: Measures the impact of social media on your website and your business. Shows a holistic view of the relation between the site content and society, social conversions, sources and what people are sharing about the website.

Advertising Analytics: Helps to know whether the advertising programs for the site are performing well and whether they have a positive impact on conversion rates. It shows how the conversion rate and return has been affected across all digital channels such as search ads, display, affiliate, social, email, and banners.

Something More about Analytics

Google Analytics also contains App Gallery integrated with a wide range of applications that help to collect relevant data, organize data, and automate reporting for your business.  The high-touch premium level of Google Analytics supports and gives access to many more Google Analytics features.

Web analytics mainly aims at analyzing the website traffic and helps to take effective measures to improve the site performance and increase ROI. For a professional SEO service, this is one of the main procedures that cannot be ignored at any time.

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