How to Influence Users through Video Content

Video is now a powerful medium, much more than any other form of content. Videos influence users directly and stay in their mind for a very long period of time. So videos can play a major role in product marketing and business. It is estimated that more than 4 billion hours of video are watched every month. After Google, YouTube is considered as the second most used search engine. This clearly indicates the influence and importance of video marketing.

Video MarketingVideo should be unique. It is not similar to blog posts or any other infographic content as it contains moving images, sound and even text. You should never try to convert content into video. Video should be developed organically.

If you need to sell a product, don’t make the entire video sales-oriented. It should have a story, a climax and moreover, be interesting for your viewers.

If you want your viewer to undertake a complex thing, break your content into smaller bits and try to put it simply.

A video should not be too lengthy as this will put off viewers. A length of 4 to 10 minutes is ideal.

The important thing to be asked to the marketing team is that your content requires visuals and audio. Then only you can take time to produce the video. If your content doesn’t require and you are creating video means it will become useless.

Here are some effective ways in which an online video can promote a product:

Showcase your product: The video should demonstrate your product completely. Check out IdeasBy’s demo video for their Iphone gravity defying holder, which shows you what it’s all about in a matter of seconds.

Funny or creative content: Funny videos attract attention and hold viewers’ interest. Nokia’s funny viral video indulged in guerrilla marketing, but attracted a lot of interest in its Lumia smartphones.

Use news stories to create videos: News releases can be used wisely. L’Oréal Paris has a promotional video in which it provides useful information about ovarian cancer.

Provide tutorials or instructions: You use your video to show your customers how to use your product. This is especially useful if your product or service is technical in nature or involves a new concept.

Include customer testimonials: Asking customers their opinion about your product is a great way to get prospective clients interested in your product.

A professional SEO company can help you create interesting videos and post them online in YouTube, other video streaming sites and social media sites. Optimized with the right keywords, your videos can go a long way to market your product online.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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