Ten Design Tips to Follow to Ensure Good Content

Ten Design Tips to Follow to Ensure Good ContentYour content marketing message should be designed for easy readability so that a reader can clearly comprehend your message. Clarity in the content is important because it has an important role to play in your content marketing success. The biggest difference between reading a book and reading a web page is that in the latter case, the visitor is not actually reading, but rather scanning the page. This requires you to design your content in such a manner that the shapes of letters and words are easily recognizable.

1. Provide line spacing:

Give inter-line spacing, for easy reading and to enable your visitor to effortlessly recognize the various shapes of letters in each line.

2. Try to avoid lengthy sentences:

Long sentences covering multiple lines can be really tedious to read. There is a chance that the reader will lose track of your meaning, and even miss out on some of the lines altogether. So better use short, understandable sentences.

3. Try not to use uppercase for your headings and subheadings:

Main headings and subheadings in capital letters interrupt the smooth flow of reading. The best practice is to use a combination of upper case and lower case, as in title case.

4. Subheadings should be short:

The subheading should be ideally limited to one line. Try not to use full sentences. Use only the minimum number of words necessary to just give a gist of what is forthcoming in that section. In this way persuade the readers to continue reading out of curiosity.

5. Use proper contrast:

There should be good contrast between the text and its background. This enhances readability.

6. Don’t use text wraps:

Avoid anything that causes distraction while reading. Text wraps occur when an image is inserted in a text column. It forces readers to readjust their eyes while reading, which can be inconvenient and interrupt the easy flow.

7. Write in a style and language that readers like:

If your content is written in simple language and style it will be easy for the readers to understand your points easily and clearly. Do some research to find out the kind of writing that most appeals to netizens.

8. List your content in numbers or bullets:

It will be easy for the reader to understand the main points if you mention them in numbers or bullets.

9. Use the appropriate font size:

Always use readable and standardized font size.

10. Highlight important points through bolding or Capitalization:

The key points should be bolded or capitalized in order to get more attention.

It is clear that designing attractive content is no small matter. It requires insight, skill and related practical knowledge. Outsourcing all your content development requirements to a reliable SEO company will ensure quality content for your website. Attractive content will persuade your visitors to stay longer browsing your products and services, and ensure increased conversions.