6 Step SEO for Your Facebook Fan Page

As a part of social media marketing strategy, every business has its own Facebook fan page to interact with its customers. However, optimizing the Facebook fan page is crucial if you want it to work for you. Here are some effective tips to optimize your Facebook fan page, enhance your online reputation, and improve your SEO rankings.

1. Naming your Facebook fan page – Google gives top priority to the first word in your fan page title. So choose a suitable name for your Facebook fan page. This is one of the basic steps when it comes to optimizing your brand on Facebook. Facebook fan pages are intended to represent real brands, businesses, personalities, and so on.

Fan Page Title

2. Creating custom fan page vanity URL – URLs are also given a lot of importance by search engines. Facebook gives you the capability to create a unique URL if your fan page has earned at least 25 ‘like’s.

Custom Fan Page Vanity URL

3. Insert keywords in strategic locations on your fan page – Keyword optimization can be employed on those pages of your website that are pulled from your fan pages, such as About Us, Mission and Description. As SEO considers them important, optimize your fan page in local search engine results by including details your address, city, state and zip code.

Keyword Optimization

4. Remember to include your phone number and address – Pages that include phone number and address info can effectively amplify your brand’s overall SEO. Google place priority on pages with such specific information.

Backlink to your Facebook Fan Page
5. Backlink to your Facebook fan page – Backlink to fan page from your website, blog, and Twitter profile.

6. Optimize your fan page updates – Use the option if Facebook tells you to “Write something” since that text will be considered as SEO heading for your Facebook page updates. Note: the first 18 characters of a Facebook post form the meta description, which is the HTML and XHTML element that describes your page to search engines.

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