Bing Testing Refurbished Social Sidebar

Bing is testing its revamped Social Sidebar that was released six months ago. Integrating to Facebook, the side bar was initially meant to improve search results through friends and included an “Ask Friends” feature to fill in for results not available on Bing.

The new format includes a few visual changes: the gray background is now white for better blending of the sidebar into the search results. The Facebook share box has been changed to a “post” button, a new Social Results” header and count for matching social results has been added on, and headings have been changed from “Friends Who Might Know” and “People Who Know” to “From Friends” and “From Social Networks”. The “Activity” stream of general questions friends have posted on Facebook has been dropped.Bing Social Sidebar
The real changes in Bing’s side bar relate to more enhanced information in the “From Social Networks” section:

  • It offers improved coverage of social content that could be relevant to a search.
  • The new format is designed to bring up better content. It facilitates more discriminating search through all the shares, likes, photos, comments and status updates that it sees on Facebook from those connected to the user. So you could get to see more posts from people you know.
  • Users can also connect better with experts for a search query. For instance, a search for ‘cellulite treatment’ will display relevant and tagged posts from both Facebook friends as well as others who are knowledgeable about the treatment, from all over the web.

From the online marketing viewpoint, this could help improve brand visibility in search results for businesses that have a presence on Facebook. They would benefit it users added them as friends – just ‘likes’ wouldn’t count. Getting a presence on Facebook is easy with the help of a professional SEO company. Services offered would range from profile creation, fan page creation and daily updates to adding friends, Facebook fans and membership in relevant business groups. So leverage the full benefits of Bing’s new side bar with Facebook marketing services from the right outsourcing firm.