Google Fiber and Its Predicted Impact on Businesses

Google Fiber, the search engine giant’s home Internet service that went live in Kansas City last month has become a big hit. The service featuring an amazing speed of 1 Gbps is provided for just $70 dollars a month. If another $50 is paid you can enjoy a cable TV package as well. Thus within a budget of $120 you get to enjoy both TV and Internet service from Google. In addition, Google is also offering DVRs, tablets, HD television channels and cloud storage for apparently free. The service at present, though, is for residential use and is not available for big businesses. However, businesses and startups working out of a home can avail of this service. Google has assured that it would introduce a Fiber service for small businesses, though it has not committed to a specific date. Only after its residential project is over, Google will start thinking about making ultra high-speed connections available to large businesses.
Google Fiber and Its Predicted Impact on Businesses

Hanover Heights, locally known as the Kansas City Startup Village is the first area to get Google Fiber. The introduction of Google Fiber here has started attracting a number of early stage startups coming together to team up, leverage available resources and grow a profitable tech business. According to many, the greatest attraction is of course the wonderful speed of Google Fiber, which can be even 1000 times faster than standard Internet services. The very prospect of loading websites on speeds as high as 300 Mbps is an incredible experience.

Undoubtedly, Google’s revolutionary internet experiment is going to make a sea change in the way people use internet and related services. It is bound to attract more entrepreneurs to Kansas City.

  • Higher internet speed means higher productivity for online businesses
  • Web-based services will be much faster and efficient, with no more waiting and wasting of time.
  • More people are likely to be attracted towards internet-based businesses
  • Home-based businesses are likely to increase

So what does this mean for businesses? Businesses must focus on improving their internet marketing efforts and position themselves better for the future. It is necessary to drive more traffic to the sites and capitalize on the prospect of an amazing increase in the demand for products/services available online. Now is the time for businesses to go for the services of a reliable SEO company that can optimize their websites and help them achieve and maintain that competitive edge.

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