Google’s Changing SEO Trends in 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) has seen drastic changes since it was first implemented by business organizations worldwide. Businesses using SEO strategies for online marketing focused their efforts on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since the majority of online users prefer Google, SEO is mainly focused on this popular search engine. During the last 12 months, from November 2011 to November 2012, the online marketing industry has witnessed some dramatic moves by Google that greatly impacted SEO. Google implemented various algorithmic changes at different points of time that businesses worldwide.
Google's Changing SEO Trends in 2013

  • Panda and Penguin Updates: To penalize websites with low-quality content, Google released Panda updates in February 2011 and November 2011, after which it was updated up to 13 times. Penguin, another algorithm update, was released on April 2012 to penalize websites showing signs of artificial external links.
  • Link Disavow Tool: Launched in October 2012, Google’s link disavow tool is used to remove unnatural links or inorganic links from a website on a request.
  • Quality Rewarding: Google’s official blog has announced that they will reward high quality websites in search results. These are websites that have quality web content and natural links.
  • Exact Match Domains: In September 2011, Google rolled out a small algorithm change to reduce low-quality exact-match domains that get high priority in search engine results.
  • Google’s “Page Layout” Algorithm: To penalize websites that are flooded with ads, Google launched page layout algorithm in January 2012 that directly focuses on web pages that do not have much content above-the-fold.
  • Infographic and Guest Blogging Links: Google cautioned SEO professionals about infographic links that are getting ill-treated and may become a target of the webspam group.
  • Automatic URL Canonicalization: Google says that they will identify and group URLs with duplicate content and combine their authority.

For more information about Google’s new strategies for SEO in 2013, you can visit their official blog site. SEO professionals in an established SEO company keep track of such changes, and design and optimize client websites to optimize search quality.

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