How to Write a Winning SEO Proposal

With more businesses increasing their SEO outlay with a view to improving online visibility and popularity, SEO firms have the responsibility of convincing prospects of the effectiveness of their optimization campaigns. This is important to stay ahead of the competition. An SEO proposal becomes very significant in this regard as it has to persuade clients to hire the particular company for SEO services. Let us look at some of the aspects to consider when writing a winning SEO proposal.

Your SEO proposal should be able to establish the value of your services. The clients should be convinced that your methodologies can help secure their business’ long-term goals.

Let Your Writing Reflect Your Personality

    How to Write a Winning SEO Proposal

  • It is important that your writing reveals your personality to which the prospect can relate.
  • Pick your required tools: Try to use easy and comfortable tools such as PowerPoint or Word when writing SEO proposals.
  • Use your favorite fonts.
  • You should have an excellent resource of photos.
  • Try to use creative tools such as Adobe Illustrator.
  • Use screen capture tools and markup program.
  • A dictionary is a must for checking spelling and meanings.
  • Use an image editor like Photoshop.

Make Use of Good Pictures: A picture can communicate your ideas in a more effective way.

Make Eye Contact: If you are using images with people or animals, try to select a picture that establishes eye contact with the readers or at the subject of the page. Your writing should directly address the reader.

Be Consistent: If you use PowerPoint to create your proposal, try to make sure that the layout is consistent.

Make Your On-page Methodologies Clear: Client businesses will be curious to learn about your search engine optimization strategies, so it is best to outline these too in your proposal. You need to clarify the role your company will play as well as the role the business’ internal team will play.

Use PDF: send your proposal only after converting it into a Portable Document Format (PDF). It is the safest way.

Add a Message from the CEO: Give a message from the CEO in the proposal. That will make it clear that it came from a real company.

Mention the Price Factor: You have to mention the price. Don’t hide the price. Place it at the end.

Working Details: Mention how your works get done and give all the details for justifying the cost.

In the final step you have to ask the client to call you to review the proposal. Following all these steps will help you write a winning SEO proposal.

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