Organic Search and SEO Win Traffic and Conversions

Organic Search and SEO Win Traffic and ConversionsA recent study by Shareaholic says that organic search generates about 48% more inbound traffic than referral and direct visits, and even social media. It has also become the primary source in generating website traffic and marketers who utilize organic search can generate more revenue and returns than those that use social media or paid search. It is not an easy task to go after the organic search opportunity and this is the most likely reason why many businesses fail to attain their potential. If you are engaged in online marketing and trying to shift your focus to organic search, you should be aware about:

  • The size of opportunity available in organic search and the potential it offers.
  • Your current penetration rate you have getting through already available SEO strategies against this new opportunity.
  • Analyze the risk of utilizing organic search – what will you gain, what will you lose?
  • Determine the cost in executing this new opportunity.

Experienced online marketers know that the Google organic search hold the greatest potential to drive online traffic. But it is conversions that are important. And here it’s SEO customers who gain, according to a recent Hubspot study. Companies that make use of SEO services have higher conversion rates than both search and social media. SEO also offers the best lead-to-customer 15%, with social media offering only 4%, and paid search only 7%, according to this study. SEO has gained a lot of importance as a source of leads over the last six months, driving down even interest in PPC.

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