Shift from Google Places to Google Plus – Impact on Local SEO

Google plans to convert all existing Google Places pages into Google+ Local pages.

Most of the businesses utilize “Local Business or Place” category. Google+ pages are available for different categories such as “Product or Brand,” “Company, Institution or Organization”. It also has social integrations such as Google+ circles and hangouts that are used by page owners.

Changes Likely in Google+ Local pages

  • A “Local” tab has been added to Google+ for users, with personalized and social recommendations.
  • Google+ Local pages are integrated to most of the products such as Google Search, Maps and Mobile.
  • The new Google+ Local pages will be indexed. The local businesses that create new Google+ pages to benefit from this change, will obtain an increased presence in the SERPs.
  • Another advantage you can expect is the social functionality that will be made available in the near future through the Google+ network. In Google+ internal searches these could be incorporated as featured recommendation positions.

Shift from Google Places to Google Plus - Impact on Local SEO

Impact on SEO

  • Businesses can manage their Google Places page from their earlier administrator access. The page information will be merged with their Google+ business page and can be accessed from the new Google+ Local tab. From the SEO standpoint, businesses need to completely optimize their G+ page. With sure changes due to occur in search results and business rankings, businesses must surely have a very well optimized and updated Google+ business page.
  • Since all your business information will be provided from your single G+ profile, you need to have a well-maintained, complete, content rich profile. Your SEO efforts should optimize the possibility of including videos and pictures that can easily be made available to search engines as well as visitors.
  • With the merger of Google Places and Google+ Local, people can not only leave reviews but also actively interact and communicate on Google+ Business pages. With Google striving to ensure the customer a more complete social experience, each business would do well to have a clear-cut, effective social media policy.
  • Companies can enjoy the full benefits offered by their SEO efforts because a sure improvement is possible in search ranking positioning since the Google+ Local pages will be indexed, unlike the Google Places pages.
  • Google has advised business owners to continue managing their information in Google Places for Business. They can verify basic listing data, make necessary updates, and respond to reviews. Ads posted in AdWords Express will work normally, redirecting people to business’s current listing or to the destination selected.

    Changes Businesses Can Make

    • Create your personal Google+ profile and find and make connections using Google+ circles in order to develop your identity beyond your Google+ Page and Google+ Local page.
    • Post new updates and news every day.
    • Interact and chat with your followers on Google+ Page.
    • You can encourage the customers at your local business to write reviews on your new Google+ Local page and ask them to make active Google accounts to provide the feedback.
    • Email your newsletters to subscribers who signed up with Gmail accounts and ask them to “+1” or like your Google+ page.
    • An SEO Company can provide all these services at cost-effective rates. Some companies are already offering free trials for their services. So avail of these services effectively to improve your business and profit.

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