3 Interesting Examples Showing the Power of Social Media

3 Interesting Examples Showing the Power of Social MediaSocial media is undoubtedly the most happening phenomenon worldwide. Most businesses now have a social media presence that they effectively use to gain followers and spread information about their products and service. Social media will continue to drive businesses in 2013. Here are some interesting examples to show that the social media has made a difference where it matters:

1. Matthew Walzer’s letter to Nike CEO requesting him to produce sneakers for people with cerebral palsy has been a hot subject in the social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Matt Halfhill, the founder of Nice Kicks blog site and his intense social media campaign about the letter directed the attention of Nike CEO to the letter with a video on Walzer, ‘Living with Cerebral Palsy’. Walzer got his specially crafted new pair of sneakers and the Nice Kicks blog site, valuable recognition.

2. A public transport authority in Melbourne, Australia chose social media instead of relying on old-fashioned ways to raise awareness about railway safety. Boring and well-known railway safety rules gained immense popularity when the transport authority made video about it. The video was filled with catchy tunes, jokes, bright colors and a bit of imagination, and when posted on Youtube, became one of most the entertaining video ads to promote one of the most boring subjects.

3. Kellogs opened its Tweet Shop in London where customers could buy their new special K Cracker for a tweet. Twitter was flooded with #tweetshop hash tags. The shop was a success for the popular food manufacturing company as their main goal was to create a buzz around their newly launched food product and increase long run sales.

Right now, there seems to be no better way of getting a product message across to the mass market than through social networking.

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