Blog Comments – Benefits from an SEO Perspective

Blog CommentsBlogs are a vital element in online social media and now play a crucial role in the Web marketing strategy of businesses worldwide. A blog gets noticed when it has well-written content, attracting specific readers who often post comments on it and even share the blog post in other social networking sites. Blogs can help businesses gain brand exposure, generate links, and enhance web traffic. Online readers post comments or feedback if the blog contains information that is relevant and interesting to them. SEO experts point out that blog comments can boost SEO in many ways:

  • Search engines love content – Blog content must be informative and engaging to the readers so that they will post comments. If there are lots of comments, then the content must be interesting and worth discussing. To keep users occupied, search engines provide them with accurate, relevant and interesting information about their search query. So comments are another way for search engines to evaluate a piece of blog content.
  • Relevant keywords found in comments – The keywords included in a blog post can be found in comments. Such keywords will increase the chances of the blog post being found in search engines. In addition, they will help attract targeted web traffic.
  • Comments can enhance the content’s freshness – If an old blog post is still getting comments, search engines will consider it as fresh content. Blog content that continually responds to user’s search queries will stay fresh forever.

Blog Comments - Benefits from an SEO Perspective
So from an SEO perspective, blog comments do provide certain benefits. Results would depend on what the blogger trying to achieve with his or her blog. Professional SEO companies provide their clients with well-written, keyword-specific and updated business blogs to create a positive impact and act as instant communication forums.

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