Boosting Reader Engagement Rates

Boosting Reader Engagement RatesThe primary goal of utilizing SEO is to raise online traffic to your website and increase its SERP (search engine result page) ranking. But simply bringing in more traffic wouldn’t count if you did not engage visitors to your website in a meaningful way. Without this critical engagement, more web traffic will not improve your outcome in any significant way. Here are some suggestions to improve engagement rates and get your website to meet your goals:

  • Don’t just use only text based posts – Make your website content more interesting by changing your post formats. A post format varies the way posts are displayed when viewing either an archive of specific posts or the front page of your blog. Post infographics, share videos, share a simple quote or make strong photo essays, rather than just using full length text-based posts.
  • Post content that will interest your readers – Don’t just think of SEO-optimized content using the ‘right’ keywords. Make your content interesting. Find out what your readers are interested in and write on that. Make an effort to look up the latest topics by checking the social profiles of leading firms in your niche.
  • Stick to short length text posts – If you want your visitors to read your blogs and articles in a minimal time, limit your posts to 500 – 1500 words.
  • Use a casual writing style – When you publish text-based posts, avoid language that is dull or too technical as this can affect your reader engagement ratings. A casual writing style is the best way to retain reader interest.
  • Fast loading pages – Most website visitors are put off pages that load too slowly. Google rewards quickly loading pages with high search result ranking. So having pages that load fast brings in more visitors, increases your reader engagement rates, and provides many SEO benefits. Google Webmaster Tools has information and tools to help improve page loading speed.

Don’t lose heart if you see your website traffic falling. Try out various tactics to see which one will work best to boost reader interest.

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