Facebook – Top Searched Term of 2012

According to Experian Marketing Services, Facebook remains the most searched term in the US in 2012, a position it has held for four consecutive years. Moreover, one-word searches rose 16% in 2012. Experian’s top search survey covers search activity on more than 60 search engines and site visits between January and November 2012, excluding mobile searches or web traffic. Some of the main highlights of the Experian report are:

  • Facebook accounted for 4.13% of all searches in 2012, up by 33% compared the previous year. “facebook login” ranked 4th, “” ranked 5th, and “” ranked 8th in the top 10 search items list. Other top search items in the Experian’s list are youtube, craigslist, yahoo, ebay, mapquest and amazon.
  • Navigational searches are the most popular of search results as online users continue to visit their favorite websites through search engines instead of entering web addresses directly in the URL bar of web browsers. As a result, single-word searches rose to 16% in 2012.
  • Facebook was also the most visited website in the US in 2012. Further, the list of the top 10 most visited websites remained unchanged from 2011, with the exception of eBay returning to top 10 most-visited websites list for the first time.

Facebook - Top Searched Term of 2012

As the popular social media site, Facebook plays an important role in social media optimization. Any business looking to secure a place in both the traditional and online marketplace requires a flexible and well-managed presence on a site like Facebook. An SEO company that specializes in social media optimization services would help you promote your business by creating a ‘page’ for your business which Facebook users can follow. This page is then utilized to market your products, offer deals to attract customers, and build your brand.