Google Panda Refresh # 22 Released

Google Panda, released in February 2011 is actually a filter that is meant to lower the rank of poor quality sites while bringing superior quality sites to top ranking positions. Google intended to punish websites with poor quality content and also those that copied content from other sites. Webmasters woke up to the necessity of having good quality, relevant content in their websites.Google Panda Refresh # 22 Released

Panda will get timely updates. A Panda refresh targets websites that managed to escape earlier. On 21st November Google refreshed its Panda algorithm, which will affect 0.8% search queries in English. This is Google’s 22nd Panda update, with the 21st introduced on 5th November. What does Panda updates mean for SEO? Webmasters will have to ensure that there is no substandard content on their websites, and work to ensure high quality content that will give users the information they are searching for.

At this point of time you have a lot of time for preparation. If you’re in the habit of posting low quality or copied content that Google has virtually banned, and if you’ve managed to escape from this, it’s only a matter of time before Panda spies you and lowers your website rankings. Take maximum effort to ensure quality website content and obtain good results in Google search results and page rankings.

Generating high quality content is a difficult task. A great option would be to outsource your SEO content writing requirements to an SEO company that can provide superior quality, relevant, Panda-friendly content at affordable rates. With focused keyword research and incorporation, a reliable SEO firm will ensure that your website has the right content optimized for the search engines.

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