Google’s New Link Disavow Tool

Popular search engine Google recently launched a link disavow tool that enables you to report inorganic inbound links for your domain. The detailed description and how to use this link removal tool is available at their official blog site Google Webmaster Central Blog.

About the Link Removal Tool

The Link removal tool allows you to disavow inorganic inbound links for a domain authenticated in Google Webmaster Tools. You can ask Google to reject or ignore the links you can’t control, where these links can harm your website’s rankings.

Inorganic Links

Google considers link exchanges, paid links and other link schemes that go against its quality guidelines as unnatural or inorganic links. These links are created as part of a negative SEO technique which acts against Google’s rules and Google penalizes the websites that utilize them. Some examples where inorganic links occur are artificial blog networks, fake profiles, automated link exchanges, paid links and artificial blogrolls.

Google Link Disavow Tool

Reasons to Use Google’s Link Removal Tool

You can use this tool as a preventive measure against unnatural links that harm your website rankings. By using this tool you can specify which links Google should ignore to avoid algorithmic or manual action against your website. There several levels of action taken by Google regarding search quality issues which include:

  • Domain ban
  • Algorithmic filters like Panda and Penguin
  • Manual action according to various severity levels

Use Link Disavow with Caution

If you are certain that the links you are about to disavow which are unnatural or inorganic and you can’t control those links. then Google disavow tool is the best option. However, if the disavowed links are good, this may impact your website’s ranking in the search engine results. Remember that the Google’s link disavow tool is an advanced link removal tool recommended for well-informed and experienced web developers or web administrators.

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