Identifying Technical SEO Problems with Link Audits

Search engine optimization (SEO) Strategies are designed to increase your search engine rankings. Link building continues to be one of the most important tactics. A website’s organic search engine placement depends on its incoming links. Higher search engine rankings depend on having several quality backlinks.
Identifying Technical SEO Problems with Link Audits
Performing an inbound link analysis is a crucial part of the SEO initiative. An inbound link analysis or link audit helps to reveal a website’s strongest links as well as its weakest and most vulnerable ones. Link audit tells SEO professionals about the domain linkings to a given website and the type of content that can attract more links. Link analysis helps identify serious technical SEO problems that can directly affect a business’s organic search efforts. Some of the SEO issues that can be identified through link analysis or link audit are:

  • Canonical problems and Content duplicating – A link audit can reveal if you have provided the same website content at multiple URLs. Identical content at several places would split search power across those URLs. You may end up with multiple web pages with the same content and none with any high ranking in search results. Audits can also reveal if your inbound links are split across both the canonical and non-canonical forms of a piece of web content, or split across dozens of URLs. Consolidating these pages is the key to consolidate search power.
  • 404s – Link analysis can easily identify wasted links such as inbound links that lead to 404s (the header response code that represents ‘page not found’). Such links don’t offer the website any benefits.
  • Blocking link influence with redirect or weak pages – Link analysis can reveal if your website has pages with several links from many domains, but still don’t leverage power to impact other pages. Working on key pages rather than such pages can help SEO to a great extent.
  • Sub domains, Root domains and Rogue pages – Link analysis can help you discover forgotten assets or isolated assets such as files, pages subdomains or root domains. These are wasted links as they are no longer valid and cannot influence other pages on the website.
  • Repurposing formats – Link audits can reveal file formats such as pdf’s, doc’s, swf’s, and so on that are not properly optimized and cannot influence other pages on the website. Such pages can be repurposed

Performing an inbound link analysis can be extremely helpful in understanding the link profile of your website and identifying serious technical SEO problems. Before building more content, building more links, and adding sections to your website, you should fix the technical problems that could directly affect your SEO efforts.

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