Impact of Social Media and Viral Marketing in Movie Industry

As like every other industry, the Hollywood film industry has been utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies such as social media and viral marketing to promote films and increase ticket sales. With the rising threat of online piracy, annual ticket sales have been declining for the past decade and yet the film industry managed to survive by utilizing the Internet, the very thing that weakened the industry in the first place. Here are some of the strategies utilized by the film industry to stay afloat:
Impact of Social Media and Viral Marketing in Movie Industry

  • Cloud computing and digital films help the movie industry save on the shipping costs needed to physically transport copies of films.
  • The film industry now employs viral marketing techniques to fill theater seats. For instance, in 2009, the marketing campaign for the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ involved encouraging viewers to demand the movie at local theaters. This form of advertising, along with a social media campaign, helped make it a box office hit. The release of trailers on social media sites also help rouse interest in a movie much before its release.
  • Products like video games and toys related to the movies bring in a lot of profits. Film studios also sell their overseas rights to a movie as well as Pay-TV rights to satellite and cable companies.

Understanding how the audience rates a movie goes a long way in helping producers decide what kind of movies they should make. Let’s hope social media will continue its commendable work in creating awareness, engaging consumers, and driving profits for the film industry.

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