Important SEO Truths 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies, professionals and in-house teams have a difficult task improving and maintaining organic search results. Google changes its algorithms on a regular basis and companies compete fiercely to optimize their web presence. Managing and satisfying client and management expectations is sometimes more challenging than SEO itself. Nevertheless, the significance of SEO for online marketing remains unchallenged and unchanged. About one billion Google searches are carried out everyday with more than 90% of users clicking on organic search results over paid search results. Here are some important SEO truths relevant for 2013:
SEO Truths 2013

  • Conversions matter more than rankings – Most clients are obsessed with Improvement in rankings or position in search engine results. But it’s actually webpage visits and conversions that matter. Keyword phrases with a higher conversion rate and lower rank are more significant for content optimization than those with a lower conversion rate and higher rank.
  • Quality SEO data required for more SEO results – Quality SEO data is that which is accurate and timely and the starting point of a successful SEO campaign. Only quality data is necessary to understand the business’s web presence, competition and relevant keywords. For successful SEO, timely, accurate data is needed on page-level rank, analytics conversion data, organic search keyword research, and backlink and social signal data.
  • Focus on social signals – Just like backlinks which are important to organic search, social signals also need attention and integration into the SEO strategy. Keeping track of the number of Likes, shares, +1s, tweets, and YouTube Views on web pages and the network and including the statistics in the monthly SEO reports is therefore significant.
  • Daily and weekly insights into SEO metrics – Daily and weekly insights into SEO metrics is more essential for SEO professionals than monthly reporting as they help them understand whether they are getting closer to their goals.

Using the right SEO technology, optimized content marketing strategy, and understanding keywords with high conversion rates are also essentials when it comes to succeeding with SEO.

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