Will Facebook’s Social Jobs Partnership Catch On?

In today’s competitive world, recruiters are looking for suitable candidates for various jobs in social media sites such as LinkedIn,, simplyhired and Facebook. With over 750 million active users across the globe, Facebook recently launched a job search app called Social Jobs Partnership, a collaboration of Facebook with US Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Direct Employers Association and National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). Facebook says that it was the economic slowdown that encouraged this new job app. This is a new development for this social networking site which has focused mainly on personal networking.

Facebook Social Jobs Partnership

Highlights of Social Jobs Partnership:

  • Lets candidates search job postings on Facebook’s top five application partners Monster, BranchOut, Work4Labs,, and Jobvite
  • Can help more people find jobs in these economically difficult times and bring down US unemployment rates
  • Will help recruiters match qualified candidates with great jobs
  • Job seekers can perform specific searches based on industry, location and keywords
  • Includes a special capability for jobs suitable for veterans
  • Social networks – friends, family and community – will impact job searches

With up to half of employers using Facebook for recruitment purposes, Social Jobs Partnership is likely to catch on. The new app can position Facebook in a very competitive position in the professional recruitment market compared to other online job sites such as,, and professional networking sites like, and

However, industry watchers point out that Facebook should be careful not to let Social Jobs Partnership fizzle out into simply a business venture to promote Facebook’s partners or a publicity move to reduce the US unemployment rate. Better search features, ad and data integration tools, and user-friendly options for employers and jobseekers could be necessary to take Social Jobs Partnership to the top.

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