E-mail is Still a Marketing Tool for SEO

E-mail MarketingThere has been some speculation on the internet that e-mail is dead and due to shorter customer attention, and stringent spam laws, e-mails sent out by marketers are now becoming ineffective. Many SEO’s dismiss these rumors and according to them, those people behind this speculation don’t know how to use email effectively to create brand awareness and succeed in online promotions. Most SEO experts still believe that e-mail marketing is an essential tool for developing and forming one-on-one relationships with prospective customers and clients. Here are some of the key considerations when using e-mail as a marketing tool:

Using 80/20 Marketing Rule

The 80/20 Marketing Rule states that 80 percent of your e-mails should consist of resources, informational tools and content and only 20 percent should comprise information that prompts customers to buy your products and services. To produce amazing marketing results, you must provide useful information to your subscribers on a consistent basis and limit the amount of “fluff” in your newsletters. .

Pay attention to CAN-SPAM laws

If you are running a small business enterprise and want to promote your business through e-mail marketing, you cannot ignore the CAN-SPAM laws, because if you do, your ISP will get blacklisted and your subscribers won’t be getting your e-mails regularly. To avoid this situation, ensure that your privacy policy is posted, your company name and address are included, and make provisions for how they can unsubscribe from your list.

Creating your own e-mail list

You have to build your own e-mail list for achieving the highest open and click-through rates. To get it done the simple way, you should put an email subscriber form on your website that gathers the names and e-mails of your prospective customers. Furthermore, in exchange for customer information, offer them something of value. Those people who gave you permission to send them information through e-mails are surely interested in your products/services and therefore are a target group.

Small business enterprise owners looking to secure online recognition through e-mail marketing can approach a reliable SEO company that can help them efficiently meet their viral marketing needs.

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