Facebook’s New Status Update Helps Social Media Marketing

How would you feel if you could share what you are doing at any point of time in a more structured way through Facebook?
The social media site is testing out a new option in the status update box that would allow you to do just that.

The new feature allows you to let your loved ones and friends know what you are doing, or how you are feeling at any given point. You can update your status by choosing a drop down menu of options featuring activities such as reading, writing, singing, and more. This is then tagged on to your status update along with the link on the page that the user mentions.
Social Media Marketing

What’s in it for social media marketing?

Well, the point is that this feature can help ad targeting or indexing in graph search. When members are allowed to share their activities, the information they provide can provide an insight into what interests them. So a Facebook user who loves reading thrillers is a target for ads related to new books in this genre. There is a greater opportunity of engaging them with the right product rather than with another product, as for instance, music CD’s.

The system might not have an immediate impact on the online marketing ecosystem. But Facebook can build on the data and learn important consumer habits while at the same time helping users to express and connect with friends and family in a better way. You could end up getting a gift for your birthday based in the sentiments you express!

Knowing the customer is the crux of successful marketing.

Facebook’s new option offers businesses the opportunity to get to know their customers better. A professional SEO company that manages internet marketing campaigns for all types of businesses can use this strategy to their best advantage.

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