How Social SEO Can Benefit Your Business

Social SEO BusinessSocial media is an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO) and plays a crucial role in the search result rankings. Social media facilitates direct interaction between businesses and their customers. Moreover, social media links and interaction make up the SEO social aspect that matter a lot for search result rankings. Though a business may not achieve any visible benefit from Twitter re-tweets, Facebook posts or Youtube subscribers, there is much to be gained by having active social media accounts. Here are some important ways that businesses can make the most of social SEO:

  • Put brand name in posts – This will help Google to link your brand with your keyword posts. Branded posts help to you gain social recognition. Resharing posts from well known brands will inform your customers that you carry those brands, and give these brands a lot of leverage too.
  • Linking social accounts – Link your social accounts from your home page. When Google crawls through your website, it will link those profiles to your business.
  • Find the right community – Don’t join a community that is not suitable to your company’s interests. Find and join those communities that would be interested in your business.
  • Join Google+ – Join Google+ as it rewards active member businesses with higher SEO rankings.
  • Tweet – Your time-bound blog posts get indexed faster if they are published on Twitter.
  • Rel=Author tags – This tag allows you to align the author page on your blog with your Google Plus profile. Adding Google author tags to your blog gets you higher search engine rankings. Learn how to do this at Google Webmaster Tools.
  • More followers – More followers, likes, share, and tweets mean a bigger audience. This improves the chances of your material or publication getting shared across networks for better SEO rankings.
  • Consistency – Updating regularly with industry-relevant content will prove to Google that you’re proficient in your field and higher rankings you get.
  • Get active on Youtube – Google’s Youtube is the second largest search engine. If your upload your business videos on Youtube, Google will reward your uploads with higher search engine rankings.
  • Link bait – Infographics, videos, memes, and other images are easily sharable and constitute good link bait. Informative and intriguing content gets the more shares and link back to your site.

Effective social SEO is a long-term strategy that may not see immediate results, but consistent efforts will pay off.