Metrics on Social Media Marketing

5 Social Media Metrics

Define your goal

Every action should have a goal. A goal just doesn’t mean simply a broad perspective – it has to be very specific. The more clearly defined your goal, the easier it becomes to craft an action plan and assess its effectiveness.

Identify your tools

The next step is defining the tools you would need to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Decide on the tactics you will use such as blogs, back-linking, content sharing, videos, membership in micro communities, profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and so on. Deciding your goals and finding the right tools to achieve them is half the battle. Knowing where exactly you stand with your social media marketing efforts is possible only with social media monitoring. Important things that can help with this:

Sign up for alerts

Alerts are useful to quickly monitor any social media activity about your company, industry or competition. They are based upon the keywords or phrases you want to find and help you keep track of conversations where your company or brand names are mentioned. This will tell you what people think about your product or service. Free alert tools available include Social Mention and Google Alerts. They help you set up alerts in minutes and you receive them in your email inbox or RSS reader.

Find the low-hanging fruit

Find the low-hanging fruit: make sure your customers know how to contact you, listen to what people are saying, create a business page on Google +. Social media marketing can be overwhelming in terms of the sheer size of platforms available. Decide which platform will provide maximum input in the shortest time.

Know where and what to monitor

You cannot monitor each and every platform. So decide what you are going to monitor, how you are going to do it and what tools you will use.

The key to successful social media monitoring is in finding the tools that suit your business. Partnering with a professional SEO company to achieve your social media optimization  goals can put you on the right track.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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