Now it’s Time to Shift to Effective Content Marketing

Search marketing industry has been thriving with the evolving SEO tactics. Competition for organic and paid keywords and excellent digital content of all forms is steadily on the rise. For most businesses, almost everything that used to be a part of search engine optimization (SEO) has become risky, inappropriate and ineffective now. As we all know, businesses need SEO for interacting and engaging customers and to achieve more conversions. To accomplish these goals, commonly used SEO tactics are now unproductive; so businesses need digital visibility and the necessary strategies, business processes and tools required to secure that visibility.

Effective Content Marketing

SEO is one way in which content can impact businesses. Social media/web 2.0 sites, plain old web pages, syndication, infographics, blogs, PRs, conference presentations, guest posts and so on are other ways it can have an impact. Ideally, you need to take an SEO viewpoint on content and combine it with content strategy, editorial, planning and distribution.

  • First you need to create a main keyword list that contains a large set of keywords that are most relevant and indispensable for your business. This keyword list will vary over time and you have to update it whenever you require new content or when you move into a new field of business.
  • By using this keyword list, check your current ranking status and compare it with that of your main competitors in the search result pages. Thereby you can be aware of which keywords you are highlighting and how well they are working for you, and make a comparison with your competitors.
  • Now you need to develop a keyword driven content plan. For this evaluate your keywords and assign each keyword to a content type such as video, article etc., or to a distribution venue such as blog posts, social medial sites, etc. You can use your keywords as the titles of videos, articles and blogs, and you have to do it very creatively so that it is of interest to a target group.
  • Create or modify content to support your larger keyword strategy. Create infographics, shoot video and post in social media sites such as Facebook. Here you will have to adopt traditional SEO strategies.

A reliable SEO company can help you with innovative content marketing strategies that will improve the online visibility of your business. Your website will attract more targeted web traffic and benefit from more conversions.

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