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SmartphonesSearch engine optimization or SEO is mainly focused on online users using desktops and laptops to search the internet for the products and services they need. Various kinds of SEO strategies are used to optimize websites for higher search result page rankings. The power of social media is also used to attract targeted users.

The focus is now on smartphones which are inseparable from the user, unlike PCs, laptops and tablets. People surf the web every minute through their smartphones. It’s hardly surprising that marketers are looking for new strategies aimed to get the attention of these users. When a user visits a website through his/her smartphone, the user experience is not the same as when the site is visited through a desktop browser. So it’s important to optimize your website for easy mobile phone web browsing. Here are some important things you should know:

  • The first thing a mobile user expects for a website to load within three or four seconds. To reduce loading time, ensure that you use only a limited number of animations on your website. The use of Java and high-resolution images can also affect site loading.
  • Mobile web browsing is different from traditional web browsing as mobile users will not spend time on reading text. They usually browse sites to check product prices, product reviews, or find information about your company. So think about functionality when you devise the content strategy for your mobile based site.
  • When designing a website for mobile web browsing, you should be aware that the small screen size of smartphones needs a different website design approach. Your mobile-based website should not be stuffed with unnecessary information and should be more navigable. The site should be designed within the screen size, as users don’t like to scroll up and down or sideways across a webpage.

A professional SEO company with a skilled team of SEO specialists can help you implement your mobile SEO campaign.

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