Science Rides the Social Media Wave

Social MediaScience and social media were once poles apart, but not now. They have found common meeting ground, which is proving complementary for both. A lot of science news is going viral and being shared across the world, stirring up the interest in what people once considered a mundane subject.

YouTube reported Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic, record-breaking jump from a balloon above the New Mexico desert as the first science related subject that made it to the video sharing site’s “year end trending list”. It turned out to be one of the most viewed live events ever on YouTube and ranked number 10 on its list.

This interesting marriage between science and social media seems destined to last. NASA decided to take advantage of viral video marketing to promote its space mission to Mars. The result astonished them. Its first Twitter message “Gale Crater I Am in You!!!” was retweeted more then 72000 times and ranked on top of the social media site’s ranking list. NASA’s YouTube video “Seven Minutes of Terror”, on the problems of landing the Rover, attracted more than 2 million views!

This was quite significant from NASA’s perspective because it was fourth landing of the American space exploration vehicle on Mars and none of the preceding explorations had got so much attention online. NASA is making good use of these opportunities. It has about 1.6 million likes on Facebook and is systematically providing information in social media platforms to sustain interest.

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