Avoiding Social Media Pitfalls

With popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ making history worldwide, social media has now become a major online channel for businesses to gain and to maintain more customers. There are small business enterprises that frequently mistakes when utilizing social media which cost them their valuable customers and their reputation. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for when utilizing social media as an online marketing strategy:

  • Not listening to what others have to say: Many small businesses fail to realize that the social media is interactive and different from other forms of media. It brings together site visitors, readers, customers and other interested people to share and build a relationship with the company. So it is important to like, share and follow what others have to say if you want social media to work for your marketing.
  • Not monitoring for offensive posts and comments: Not monitoring your various social media pages regularly can affect the online reputation of your business. Checking Facebook, Google+, Twitter comments, and other social media pages for offensive usage such as negative slurs or cuss words is very important to ensure that you’re sending out the right message to your prospective clients or followers. Make certain that you don’t allow offensive posts to stay on your wall as it might drive away potential customers.
  • Having nothing visually attractive: Online visitors visit those pages that are visually attractive and usually ignore those with only text content. To attract site visitors, use engaging visuals in well-written messages. Make sure the visuals or images are clear, visually and emotionally engaging and related to the content of the message.

Social media marketing is all about engaging with potential customers. One wrong post or a comment can adversely impact the online reputation of your business. To avoid all these social media pitfalls, consult a professional SEO company which can help you make the most of your online marketing campaign with effective social media optimization strategies.

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