How Super Bowl Can Help Your Website See Increased Traffic

It is no secret that the Super Bowl influences the action of Internet users. According to one Internet search expert, Super Bowl advertisements have actually influenced online behavior or made people increase their online activity. It has been happening since 2009. In 2011, particularly, Super Bowl ads made people search about these again on Facebook and YouTube. 2012 was all about Twitter commercials with hashtags. These new behaviors were additions to online activities people were already engaged in.
Super Bowl Help Your Website See Increased Traffic

In 2013 this trend is most likely to continue with the host of gadgets people use such as laptops, tablets, Smartphones and the TV. All this activity is undoubtedly connected with social networking. There is much scope for advertising in the interest these NFL ads generate.

But Google Trends data reveals that the height of interest is short term, making it important for advertisers to quickly capitalize on it. Advertisers on Super Bowl find a 20% rise in traffic on the day of the game which lasts for around a week. Featuring Super Bowl-themed ads on their website is a great way for businesses to engage users and increase traffic. There have also been spikes in traffic at from people searching for stuff to eat while watching the game.

Annual festivals and sporting events such as the aforementioned Super Bowl, World Series, the Indianapolis 500, the Olympics and the FIFA soccer World Cup generate massive interest in people searching for game details, highlights and also checking out advertiser sites largely on account of exciting ads that would have touched upon what they are looking for.

An experienced professional SEO service provider offers all the resources and expert insight to ensure client businesses capitalize on these event-driven trends.

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