How the New Google Image Search Improves Search Experience

The new Google Image Search format should make, and is making, life easier for image searchers. Since Google began rolling out this update around a week ago, the convenience of this new system has been quite clear to see.

How Google Image Search Works

The recently launched system for searching images makes it quite easy to skim through many images. Once images comes up in the search results, all you need to do is click on a particular image which will open a preview area with a significantly large preview of the image, rather than the website that hosts the image, but. The other search results are available in a display panel on the same webpage, which means there’s no need to close the preview you are viewing. Click on another image and you get another preview.

No more phantom visits

With the conventional Google Image Search system any click on an image would automatically lead to a website. However, many of those clicks were the so-called “phantom visits,” or in other words, visits not translating to actually spending time at the website. Those who clicked on the image simply did so to see the image in its original page and not because they were interested in the website.

However, the hosting page is now not loaded by Google when the user clicks on an image, these phantom visits have ended. But will this decrease the number of visits to websites? Google believes it won’t and generally it hasn’t, since now the domain name is made clickable and a new button added in the preview pane which leads to the web page hosting the image.

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