Promoting AdWords Express through Google+ for More Followers

Google seems to have increased the promotion of AdWords Express, its simplified SEM designed for small and local businesses in Google+. AdWords has been around since July 2011, though it has gone through many modifications and improvements since then.

Google is most likely trying a cross promotion tactic with Google+ and AdWords Express to increase its followers. Google is suggesting local Google+ pages as AdWords Express landing page alternatives for small and medium business (SMB) websites.

Promoting AdWords Express through Google+ for More Followers
Google has had limited success in getting SMBs involved directly in paid-search through the self-service platform. Smaller search marketers have already voiced complaints about the cost of the Google AdWords Express products and its tendency to target keywords which they felt was more expensive and less refined than conventional AdWords. AdWords Express is also not offered to businesses that don’t have a physical location.

Google’s social media platform and AdWords Express are important and crucial aspects of modern search. The background is interesting since Google is also in a literal war with Facebook which is sure to escalate to new heights. With this latest move Google is really seeking to make its products more acceptable and useable for businesses. The impact of this will only be seen over time.

Whatever turn this takes, professional SEO services providers can ensure businesses make the most of the changes that Google makes from time-to-time with various objectives in mind.

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