Save Your Website from Panda’s Clutches

Popular search engine Google has been on a hunting spree, looking for websites that utilize negative SEO techniques to gain higher search result rankings. It was to fight rank spam that Google launched Panda two years ago followed up with updates on a regular basis, the latest refresh being on January 22 this year. Scores of websites have been affected with each update, with businesses wiped out overnight. However, there are many who saved their skin with help from a professional SEO company to recover from the Google Panda backlash or protect their websites from its clutches.

Though Google has never made an attempt to define what a high quality site is, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of focus on the quality of content. Here are some things you need to be careful about when implementing your content strategy:

  • Eliminate low quality content from your website as low value content can severely affect your site’s visibility in search results. Google provides guidance on evaluating page quality on its Webmaster Central Blog site. Sites that host more than hundred pages should look at the user engagement signals that Google uses to find poor quality content. The bottom line is that very successful sites with quality content, high referrals, low bounce rates and high engagement rates have found favor with Panda.
  • Google places a lot of importance on high quality content and says that content should be informative and easy to understand, even to a child. If you want to publish quality content in your site, hire professional writers or authoritative authors.
  • Panda prowls around for thin content and sites with little or no original content. Thin directory-style pages can put your site at risk. So provide comprehensive content on each topic, add images and videos, and encourage user reviews to solidify thin directory pages.

Avoiding Panda victimization is possible – change or update your content strategy and do all you can to make it more effective. Professional website content development services are available, so make the most of them.

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