Tablets – Changing the Digital Media Marketing Landscape

Tablets Changing the Digital Media Marketing LandscapeIt is three years since Steve Jobs and Apple came up with the idea of tablets. Many models of tablet PCs are available – you can find slate-style tablets, convertible tablets that can rotate and fold up, hybrid tablets like regular notebooks, and rugged tablets that can withstand rough handling. Today, over 200 million units are shipped worldwide and ABI Research projects sales of 1 billion more in next five years.

When it comes to digital marketing, tablets have started to show their potential to provide high ROI compared to their peer – the desktop. It is predicted that by 2017 the video view hours through these devices will become 58 billion hours, up from 38 billion hours in 2011. Also, 65% of American households are expected to possess tablets and it’s just reasonable to assume that this will cause a tectonic shift in global media consumption.

Usually owned by affluent households, tablets have started shaping the spending patterns of this segment. In fact, tablet-targeted campaigns are showing a higher average order value. Tablet marketing is proving more budget-friendly too: advertising space is less crowded and the brand can be projected more effectively and at a lower cost than on desktop space. Research on consumer behavior patterns have also suggested a higher click through rate for users searching for branded products on tablets vis-à-vis desktops.

The market for tablets grow exponentially because of their unique personalization and portability qualities. It’s not that there’s no competition. Smartphones have an edge over tablets in that people will rarely go around without them. Moreover, tablets present unique problems due to their different landscape compared to PCs, and mobile phones, and brands need to be conscious about. Brands will have to deal with mobile site optimization before they go in for tablet advertising. As the opportunity to drive traffic to mobile-enabled site is more affordable on tablets, funds for internet marketing could be reallocated to target tablets. A recent study showed that 22% of tablet owners spend $50 or more a month via their tablets and 9% spend $100 or more a month, while only 14% of smartphone users said they spent $50 or more from their mobile device.

Tablets are slowly and surely changing and influencing consumer patterns. The point has been reached where they has started influencing search engine optimization strategies for cost efficiency and better returns.

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