Effective Communication Brings Efficiency to Global Search Marketing

Communication is an important element for successful global search marketing. Large global organizations often have many teams at various levels handling local markets to implement the various aspects of SEO. These teams must be effectively coordinated to achieve the desired results. For this they need to stay in touch with each other and communicate effectively. Here are some suggestions to improve search team interaction:

  • Local listings, paid listings, product listings and social media listings should not be carried out as independent programs, but rather integrated into one whole program.
  • Communication with the various search teams can be the stepping stone for greater integration between the PR, IT, sales and marketing teams, and other teams who all are part of, and influenced by, the content creation workflow.
  • A uniform process is also crucial as much confusion and error can be avoided when there is a set pattern in place. Processes must be well documented so that any member of the organization can quickly understand and carry them out. This will prove to be very important when it comes to reporting and diagnostics. Training in these processes must be ongoing so that new members of your organization get the necessary confidence.
  • Templates and worksheets should be properly developed as this is very helpful for those working in the local markets. For instance, a template on keyword planning and research containing suggestions related to your products and company can help save a lot time on reviews and meetings.
  • Contributing to all of the above would be a common knowledge base on a shared portion on your company server with vital resources such as guides, templates and best practices.

Experienced SEO and Internet marketing firms are well aware of these factors that contribute to successful global search marketing.

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