Google to be Default Internet Search Provider on Apple’s iOS Devices

GoogleThe buzz is that search engine giant Google will be the default internet search provider on Apple’s iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad in 2014. Google is expected to pay $1 billion to Apple to achieve this. According to the Morgan Stanley analyst who reported this, 31% of Google’s traffic acquisition costs will go to Apple next year.

Google also pays other companies to be their default search provider. For instance, Google pays Mozilla to be the default search provider in the Firefox web browser. Morgan Stanley forecast that Mozilla will gain 400 million dollars in 2014 from Google, a 33% increase from 2013, and that Google will spend $3.5 billion to become the default search engine in third party software products.

Since Google currently has the largest share in the search market (67%), advertisers, marketers and publishers will most likely focus their online marketiApple’s iOS Devicesng strategies on Google.

Google also has a 95% share in the mobile search market. This is also extremely significant when it comes to online marketing as most consumers now use their Smartphone to find the products and services they want.  Since Apple’s iPhone is the popular choice among mobile user community worldwide, this is the best opportunity for marketers to come up with effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to target mobile users.

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