How to Earn Links through Content Development

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques continue to evolve, and so do Google’s algorithms. Google is focused on preventing websites from gaining higher search result rankings using unjustifiable SEO tactics. Former link building practices such as article directories, web directories, and paid directories are being replaced with link earning methods. Google ranks websites according to quality of content and good content is a great way of earning links. Here are some tips on generating content to earn links:Content Development

  • Create content that is lengthy and informative and that can influence readers in a meaningful way. People will quickly share such posts on other social media sites. In other words, take care to avoid creating blog posts that people would forget about or even ignore completely. Research conducted on articles posts in the New York Times revealed that longer posts have more shares and links than shorter posts.
  • Quality links can be generated by creating infographics. Your infographics should be professional, provide the right information, have a clear purpose and be relevant to your business. To create such infographics, you need to do some research on the kind of content that will attract your target audience. Keep it simple and short and, to facilitate easy linking, provide Embed code to your infographic.
  • Guest blogging is now widely used by everyone to attract more links. Guest blog if you must, but don’t overdo it.
  • Another way of acquiring quality links is to express your views about others. You could write about books, authors or celebrities you admire and link to their sites. It’s most likely they will link to that post as a reference, as a testimonial or in their blog posts.

Since Google ranks your website on the basis of quality of the content and quality links, you could benefit immensely from professional assistance to get better search result rankings. Approach a reliable SEO company that can provide innovative, client-specific solutions for link building and content development.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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