How to Make Eye Catching Marketing Videos

Video MarketingVideos are an integral element in a search engine optimization strategy, particularly social media marketing. Interesting videos to promote products and services can catch the viewer’s interest like nothing else can. Good videos also get shared, allowing you to gain visibility across social networks. Of course, everything depends on the quality of your video. Here are some tips to help you make eye-catching marketing videos for better social media visibility.

  • To have a viewer share your video, it should be an entertaining one, rather than one with an obvious sales pitch. A short, informative video about your brand that entertains while it promotes will work. Take the Harlem Shake videos that went viral in a big way – they’re short and entertaining.  This is the kind of video that makes viewers want to share. The best part is they did not need a huge investment!
  • Tell a story because everybody loves one. Tell people about your team and how they made your campaign come to life. Describe your product and tell stories about what compelled you to create it. A brand story is a great sell and would work just as ‘extra footage’ works to keep people interested in a movie.
  • Online video should be provocative.  It’s important to make people feel and experience emotions with your video.
  • Connect with your audience. You can use a video to thank your audience after a event that you hosted or even invite them to keep in touch.

Social MediaOnline videos are powerful tools and a cost-effective tool to attract targeted customers. Approach a reliable SEO company for help with your video marketing. By creating interesting videos optimized with the right keywords and positing them on popular video-sharing sites, professional video marketing services can help you generate interest in your offerings and also connect with your audience effectively.

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