How to Utilize Facebook Graph Search for SEO

Facebook is among the most preferred social media optimization channels by a majority of businesses since it has over one billion active users worldwide. Businesses are now trying to figure out how to use Facebook’s new social search tool Graph Search to their advantage. This means they need to know how they can be found on this new search tool.

Here are some important points that businesses need to be aware about:

Graph Search results are created from a combination of information content created or shared by the business pages and the connections of the Facebook member doing the search.

  • Though it was available only limited number of users initially, Graph Search also provides for local search.
  • It helps if your business has a Facebook page, but it’s not necessarily required as your business will show up if someone has added it as a “place” in their page.

Facebook Graph Search SEO

Facebook itself has shared three specific tips for businesses that are focused on optimizing a page for Graph Search:

  • Focus on attracting the right customers to your Page and on giving them a reason to interact with your content on a continuing basis.
  • To ensure that you appear as a search result when a user is searching for a specific location, make sure that you update your address on your local place page.
  • The name, vanity URL, category and information you share in the “About” section will help your business to be found, so make sure to share this on Facebook.

With arrival of Graph Search, search engine optimization will play a bigger role this year. SEO companies will start upgrading their SEO tactics based on this popular social media site and its new tool to help businesses raise their search engine page rankings.

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