Links from Press Releases do provide Search Ranking Benefits

Links from Press Releases do provide Search Ranking BenefitsLink building is the back bone of search engine optimization (SEO). Incoming links determine a website’s position in the search engine results. High quality link building allows the client to gain more online traffic and get awarded with high search engine rankings. One of the commonly used link building tactics is to have embedded links in press releases. Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts remarked that links from press releases do not provide any direct benefit for search engine rankings. But he was proved wrong!

SEO blogsite SEO Consult conducted a test where they created a press release with an anchor text “sreppleasers” and linked it to Matt Cutts’ blog. The press release was then published. It was indexed by Google and after three days, Matt’s blog started to rank for the anchor text within this press release link. So it’s quite clear that building links from press releases do impact your search engine rankings.

If your website needs to build an online reputation and gain maximum advantage from press release submission, approach a reliable SEO company. The right company would have a dedicated team of skilled and experienced SEO experts professionals who would post quality, informative and well-structured content through popular publishing sites with proper back links to connect to pages within your site. Their strategies would be designed to help your website gain maximum exposure and attract targeted web traffic.