PR and SEO Should Be Good Buddies

Search Engine OptimizationGoogle’s latest algorithm changes have led the way for the public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) industries to work with each other rather then against each other. Earlier, these two industries were competitive, separated by territorial restrictions and a communications gap. This often leads to both sides not being able to provide a true return on investment (ROI) and value for their clientele.

PR focuses on amplifying the work of an organization through positive press releases. SEO works to enhance the visibility of a service or product through posting high quality web content. The goal of both these industries is the same – to position the client favorably for greater visibility and revenue.

PR has been criticized for not being able to provide measurable ROI, which is very crucial for small and medium scale enterprises. SEO, on the other hand, can tweak a website to rank it better in search engines and rely on back links to get businesses attain high search engine page rankings. However, search engines have made traditional back linking methods ineffective, leading SEOs to master the use of social media to build back links.

Google’s Panda update was all about quality content while its Penguin update was focused on trusted links. The recent thrust is on authorship. Bottom line: Google wants its user to have a good experience, both on page as well as off.

The Google updates offer a unique opportunity for both PR and SEO firms to work together. They both can capitalize on their strength and expand their clients’ ROI. PR’s strength lies in creating visibility and SEO has technical prowess. These strengths can result in a symbiotic relationship: PR firms can transform online publicity into search engine authority. This will allow small and medium sized companies to benefit with increased visibility. Likewise, SEO firms can cut their workload in half by completely cutting off link building and get their clients’ offerings mentioned in high traffic blogs.

The point to keep in mind is neither PR nor SEO can have the whole online promotions pie. Both have their own unique strength and weakness. But if they both work together, they can give their clients greater value and enhance their own gains as well.

So it all boils down to one conclusion: PR and SEO should be best buddies in the world of bandwidth, servers and free information for greater client benefits.

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