Should Facebook Worry About its US User Decline?

The news is that Facebook is finally showing a decline. Facebook reportedly lost around 1.4 million American users in early December 2012. This adds on to the millions it lost in 2011. With one billion users worldwide, this might not seem a major loss for the social media giant. But it is still something for analysts to look into, since a question can be raised as to whether this signals the beginning of a trend or is just a blip in the radar.

Are longtime users tired of Facebook?

According to reports, the social network’s user base in the United States stands at around 167 million, which is significant in that it is a little over half of the nation’s population. Some analysts suggest that the US is one of the markets that are saturated with Facebook. Some existing users may have lost interest and pulled out. Perhaps they do not have anything to share, are tired of sharing, or have lost the excitement of checking out their contacts’ pictures, photos or posts.

Seasonal changes may not mean the start of a trend

Statistics suggest that existing Facebook users are checking out more pages than they used to. So there’s also the view that this is just a seasonal blip in the graph, caused by changes in the status and priorities of a chunk of Facebook users, and should not be taken to signal anything profound.

What does the future hold for Facebook? It would wise to wait and watch to see! Maybe the magic will come back.

In the meantime, Facebook continues to launch new services, the most recent being Graph Search – dubbed a ‘new way to stalk your friends’ and find who and what you want. Industry watchers say Graph Search will work well for businesses as it helps them collect market research data from Facebook, distribute ads by location, age, gender, interests, and more, and makes users spend more time in the social network. If you want your business to leverage the benefits of tools like Graph Search, hire professional search engine optimization services.

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