Be Prepared for the Penguin Update

After a reasonably long time since its final update, Google is set to launch the latest 2013 Penguin update soon. The updates launched till now have had an influence on above 10% of search queries. Many businesses were experiencing gradual or sudden dip in their website rankings with each Penguin update, and consequently earnings, and have had to plan their SEO strategy better. But it need not be all that scary. There are some ways you can prepare for a Penguin update.

No More Use of Automated Software for Link Building

Automated software for link building may help send out tons of backlinks faster than you could imagine but they will all be of low quality. Quality is everything when it comes to links. Google wants your links to come from trustworthy and reputable sites and not link farms. Only the former can ensure rankings. A single good quality backlink can help a website rank, but having any number of low quality ones will do you no favors.

Ensure Anchor Text Variation

Your anchor text must be varied. The keyword you use must never amount to over 25% of your overall backlink count. In case this has happened, the keyword must be diluted with generic, branded and URL backlinks.

Ensure Content Surrounding Link Is Keyword-relevant

Content that surrounds your link must have relevance to the keyword. This is quite an important requirement. If there is no relevance it would give an indication that the links are purchased. Google’s Penguin algorithms will soon detect this and penalize your website. Your backlinks should come from websites related to the topic your business or website is dealing with. The ranking for your website is determined by the text around your link and not the anchor text.

When you enlist the services of a professional SEO company, you can be pretty sure that algorithmic updates would not jolt the ranking and earning potential of your site.

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