Google Analytics’ Change History for Better Control of Your Account

Google Analytics now has a change history feature that keeps a record of changes made to your Google Analytics account. ‚ÄėChange history‚Äô is for users who perform administrative tasks. It records everything that happens at the administrator-level such as account settings, user changes and access, profiles, goals, site properties, filters and much more. So if you have an admin team in your office, this new feature helps you keep better track of who changed what, when, and why.

Google Analytics Change History

The change history feature can be found by accessing the admin tab and then selecting the account. This will display multiple tabs that represent administrative functions such as data sources, filters, managing users, and account settings.

Any change you make in your account will be listed in the change history and is valid for up to 180 days. It includes the date on which the change was made, the email address of the administrator, and a brief description of what the change actually was. According to Google, the change history feature can newly created profiles, events, deletions, and other similar changes.

However multiple admin users have the same email address, you cannot detect to who made the changes in the account. The versatility of the option can be improved by using Annotations to add custom information to report pages. If you are an SEO company, combine the Annotations with the automatic tracking of Change History to obtain a useful way of keeping a check on your account or that of your clients.

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