Improve Your Mobile SEO Strategy with Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have taken over the Internet search. With more than 60 percent users saying they would be more likely to purchase from a mobile friendly website, businesses are now all set to promote their products or services through mobile websites and responsive SEO web design. But it is responsive web design that works better than a separate mobile website. Here’s why:

  • Responsive web design provides an improved user experience across mobile and desktop platforms. With responsive web design, your website can be displayed on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets with same features such as easy navigation, minimal loading times, adjustable screens, and much more.
  • Popular search engine Google has recommended responsive web design as best for mobile-based SEO tactics. Responsive websites use one URL and the same HTML for both mobile and desktop-based platforms, providing Google with an easier and more efficient way to crawl, index and organize good quality content. Also, Google prefers the web design approach because content on one site and one URL is easier to share, communicate with, and link to when compared to content in a distinct mobile website.
  • SEO for a website designed using a responsive approach is easier to manage. If you a desktop as well as a mobile website, you would need two different SEO campaigns for both.

If you want a responsive web design for your mobile SEO strategy, contact a professional SEO company. An established firm can provide you with professional search engine friendly website design services featuring image optimization, meta-tag optimization, content development and optimization, and much more.

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