Pinterest’s Web Analytics Help Effective Marketing

Popular photo sharing website Pinterest recently launched a Web Analytics tool that allows businesses with verified websites to observe what users are pinning from their sites and to check where those pins are going. This analytical tool can be better utilized by businesses, marketers and advertisers as part of their social media optimization or SMO strategy.

Pinterest Web Analytics

Marketers are competing to improve social conversion rates by providing customized user content and Pinterest Web Analytics can help in a big way. The new tool can help business websites understand the type of content that people are interested in. Many established brands such as Walmart, Honda and McDonald’s that have verified accounts can now monitor how Pinterest users organize and share their website content online and also how these users want to integrate this content into their lives.

To make people buy a product or service, businesses must provide them a reason to buy, and then offer an easy way to do so. The Pinterest platform can help you do both. Now Pinterest Web Analytics taps into this pinning spirit and analyzes, quantifies, and replicates it. To get a better idea of what’s popular, the Web Analytics tool includes most repinned, most clicked, and most recent pins tabs. Focusing on what pins ring best can greatly increase revenues for retailers and other businesses.

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