SEO Trends You’re Likely to See in 2013

The Internet marketing scenario changes quite dramatically when popular search engine Google changes its algorithms, Penguin and Panda. The recently released Panda updates review websites based on quality, penalizing those with ‘bad’ content. When internet search moved from desktops to mobile platform, marketers upgraded their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to comply with Google’s quality guidelines and avoid being victimized by Panda. Here are some of the SEO developments that you are likely to see this year:

SEO Trends 2013

  • Google’s Knowledge Graph was introduced to simplify search results for users worldwide. For instance, when you search for “James Cameron”, you will see a panel at the top right side of your search result page containing important statistics such as his popular movies he directed, along with a list that show related search suggestions.  This tool, still in its infancy, is designed to provide comprehensive information based on your search query. Expect to see marketers utilize it to promote brands.
  • Social media sites contain massive amounts of user-related info such as geo location, influence, friends and interests. So social will play an important role in enhancing your SERP ranking. Facebook recently launched Graph Search that allows you to find what you are looking for through you friends and other social contacts. Marketers can monitor their “likes”, interests, and wall posts to help devise appropriate marketing strategies. Twitter launched a video sharing app called Vine which allows users to create 6-second video clip and post it along with their tweets. So we can assume that high rankings on Google would be most likely associated to social activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has taken user search to a new level with users are searching information on the go. Websites are now getting optimized to be compatible for viewing on mobile devices and are looking to gain a greater share of mobile search traffic. Marketers are now developing new ways for implementing SEO on smartphones which is quite different from that for the desktop platform.

Professional SEO company keep themselves updated on all these trends and constantly strive to come up with affordable online marketing strategies guaranteed to provide client businesses with higher search result page rankings.

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