Social Media Prospects for 2013

Facebook and Twitter have become a daily part of our lives, so much so that social media is being dubbed addictive. Social media has plays a significant role in world events and continues to evolve in every aspect. Social media marketing is a powerful marketing strategy, allowing businesses to promote their products and services to a global audience at hardly any cost. With more and more businesses utilizing social media in their marketing strategy, here is a look at the direction of social media prospects for 2013:

  • Popular social media site Facebook has pushed Twitter and LinkedIn to second spot in many countries. Though Facebook is banned in China, it has overtaken local competitors such as Zing in Vietnam, and Mixi in Japan. In Russia VKontakte and Odnoklassniki remain the popular social media sites and in China, Qzone dominates. New entries Pinterest and Instagram show that ‘unique and innovative’ works – they experienced explosive growth last year and their popularity continues to grow.
  • Compared to U.S. and European markets, Asian markets such as in India and Indonesia experienced much higher social media growth. According an eMarketer survey, in 2011, India and Indonesia experienced 51.5 percent and 51.4 percent growth in social media as against 9.8 percent and 9.9 percent growth in the US and UK respectively. Social media is expected to grow 37.9 percent in India and 28.8 percent in Indonesia this year, with markets in Middle East, Africa and Latin America tagging close behind.
  • Smartphones have made accessing social media much more easier. Based on Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, 43 percent of the users in the US access social media through smartphones compared to 16 percent through tablets. With social media apps available in every corner, smartphone users are spending more time on apps than mobile web. Mobile social media engagement is definitely set to grow in 2013.

The rapid growth in social media goes to show that marketers will have to upgrade their social media optimization strategies to expand their reach.

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