Google Disavow – Redemption for Tormented Webmasters

Webmasters were aghast they received notifications for manual spam action due to unnatural links pointing to their sites after the roll out of Penguin. The guilty accepted the penalty, but there were many who were in this sticky position due to faults which were not their own.

The idea behind Google’s algorithm update was to rank pages based on unique content and positive reader experience (including quality links) rather than on the use of brute link building to manipulate Google ranking. However, many marketers and SEO companies found that they had little or no control of who links to them or from what sites they link. The situation got worse when it resulted in negative search engine optimization entered the scenario, leaving webmasters all alone in the battle to remove bad links coming in from innumerable spammy sites.

Google Link Disavow Tool

Google’s Disavow came as a breath of fresh air. Realizing that authentic online marketers were in murky waters for no fault of their own, Disavow allows you to remove the penalty by indicating to Google which links you would like to disavow. This acts as a strong suggestion (but not a directive) to Google to ignore those links, which it typically does in most cases.

To remove Google’s penalty, you need to identify what is affecting your back link health. A few indicators:

  • Link to domain ratio – a skewed number is sure shot indicator of spammed backlinks
  • Balance between page authority and domain authority
  • Assortment of links – the more diverse these are, the safer you are

Once you have diagnosed the reason for bad health of your back links, the next step is to find the sites and eliminate them. You can do this manually by notifying the concerned web administrator. Then contact Google to have them remove the penalty.

Disavow webmasters can fight negative SEO effectively. It helps prevent wrong impressions about websites and protect them from spam links. With disavow, many webmasters are heaving sighs of relief.

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