Google Plus Scores over Twitter in the Social Networking Scenario

Skeptics and critics found themselves in a tight spot when Internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex released its data stating that Google plus is quickly out spacing Twitter to become the number 2 in the world of social network.

In 2011, when Google launched its social networking face “Google Plus,” it saw a positive growth through sign-up accounts. But when the initial hype slowed down, critics started saying it’s all due to lack of meaningful content from Google. Facebook and Twitter had already established a strong foothold by the time Google joined the party.
Google Plus Scores over Twitter in the Social Networking Scenario
Well, it seems they spoke too quickly. If the figures are to be believed, then Google currently has 359 million active users and is growing by 33%. A breakneck speed indeed, if you compare to last year’s 269 million users.

However, some facts merit consideration. Are all the numbers given by Google organic? Are there actually 359 million active users? GlobalWebIndex answers this part as well. Google has been building a connecting layer across all its services. This includes searches, YouTube, maps and other products. So ideally, if you have logged on to one product then you have logged on to many others.  Recently, many people were using services such as clicking the +1 button for web pages they liked. It’s quite possible that a number of such services may have got linked to Google Plus users. What does Google have to say about it? The search engine giant is rather tight-lipped about this.

In such a scenario a reasonable number can be 135 million, based on people actively posting to Google Plus pages. Though it might look insignificant compared to Facebook’s 701 million active users, it doesn’t fail to prove the growth of Google.

Google Plus has steadily carved its niche in the competitive world of social networking. Many users have stated that in their experience Google Plus actually gives them the freedom of finding new people and doing new things. This is quite significant, considering most people find Facebook narrowing its services to a known friend circle, whereas Google Plus is used to meet strangers with common interests.

So will Google plus overtake Facebook, will Twitter bounce back, will things change drastically in the social networking arena? No one knows what’s in store. But whatever be the outcome, an ideal social media marketing company can’t afford to ignore these signs. If pro-active enough, they will build an effective marketing strategy so that clients benefit from every situation.

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